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Information, need help?

If you are having TROUBLE adjusting or WANT TO LEAVE before finishing, you are urged to contact the Counseling Office for HELP. We offer free:

  • Tutoring Assistance
  • DSP&S Services
  • Financial Aid Advising
  • Referrals & Contacts
  • Counseling Sessions
  • Workshops (probation & student success)


Helping students to succeed in college and achieve their educational goals is the mission of the Clovis Community College Center’s Counseling Office.


The Clovis Community College Center Counseling Office strives to:

  • Help WIC students complete the courses they are now taking
  • Help WIC students persist in their course of study over time
  • Help WIC students complete their degrees/certificates
  • Help students who wish to continue their education beyond WIC to successfully transfer to four-year schools
  • Provide appropriate services to assist student in completing their educational goal (DSP&S, Counseling, tutorial, probation advising, & Guidance Studies courses)

Counseling Services

The Clovis Community College Center Counselors will meet with you to develop solutions and help you to stay on the right track and accomplish your educational goals.

Counselors are available to offer guidance and support. Developing one-on-one relationships with students and providing guidance to succeed in college is essential. Through counseling services students will develop a student educational plan (SEP); which is a semester by semester plan of required coursework. Counselors often have the first contact with students and can have an impact on their college experience.

Student Tutors
Students Helping Students is the keystone of the Clovis Community College Center Tutorial Program. Students will provide tutoring assistance to help students succeed.

The staff of the Retention Office will help students tap into any and all resources that are relevant to their success at CCSN by providing referrals and information.


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